Hastreiter Industries

Company Culture / Work Environment

We're Proud Of Our Clean Working Environment and Our Company Culture That Rewards Effort.

We’ve been there before. Dark, dingy, dirty shop floors. Not at Hastreiter! A clean, well-lit working environment isn’t something we take for granted. Not only is this good for morale, but there are also safety and productivity benefits as well. 

Shop Floor Environment

Clean Machine Shop Floor

Company Culture

One thing you’ll quickly find is the dedication and commitment we all have to providing world-class machined parts, and world-class service for our growing list of customers. This is truly a team effort here at Hastreiter and everyone plays a critical role in our success. We value each of our employees, and as a result our employee turnover is among the lowest in our industry. 

We asked employees how they would describe our company culture and what it’s like to work here. This is what they said:


Always looking to the future

Everyone is easy to work with

Different every day, doesn't get boring

Big emphasis on being diligent on treating employees well

Make me feel like family

Lots of room for growth and improvement

 Pretty flexible with hours

Potential for opportunity is unmatched

Good team environment, I'm happy to come into work every day

Especially being a minority [female], being able to excel

I like how clean it is