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Why Hastreiter Industries?

On-Time Delivery

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Transparent Communication

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We are glad you asked! Here are a few reasons companies trust us with ALL of their machining work.

One thing you’ll find with Hastreiter Industries is we don’t take anything for granted, especially our customers. For companies who use our precision machining services, they appreciate not just the quality of our machining, but our commitment to the partnership. 

On Time Delivery

If you’re looking for machining services, chances are you’ve experienced late deliveries. In fact, the industry average is 10% of orders being delivered late. We find that unacceptable, and our customers appreciate that we set honest expectations and will deliver your precision machined parts on time.

Quality Machining

Another common reason we hear for dissatisfaction with CNC machining services is an unreliable quality of machined parts. Machined parts that fall short of specific tolerance requirements. At Hastreiter, we’re committed to quality and have the talent, processes and procedures in place to ensure your machined parts meet or exceed your quality requirements.

World Class Service

We’re Part of Your Team

We hold ourselves to the highest standards. In fact, our objective is to be world-class in everything we do. This means providing our customers with service levels that are unheard of in the machining industry. From response times, to quote requests, on-time delivery, to our communication with you, we are committed to your ongoing satisfaction, as well as your success as a company. One thing our customers appreciate is our commitment to the partnership, and we feel very strongly that through mutual success, we’ll forge a longstanding relationship. That is our ultimate goal. 

Transparent Communication

Holding Ourselves to a Higher Standard and Sharing Details That Matter

We get it. Entrusting a machine shop you’ve never worked with to handle your CNC parts machining can often feel like a roll of the dice. It doesn’t need to be! At risk is not only your money, but also your time, which in many instances is even more valuable. Before you’ve even worked with us, we’re happy to share real-time data with you regarding our performance. We’re proud of our ongoing achievements, and are happy to provide you with any information that will help you make your decision easier. One thing you’ll find at Hastreiter is we’re an open book when it comes to our metrics. We feel very strongly about this, and our customers appreciate it.

Machining Capabilities

Built for Efficiency and Precision

We embrace the latest in technology at Hastreiter and are proud of our new 42,000 square foot machine shop. With our lineup of state-of-the-art CNC machining equipment, and precision measuring equipment (metrology lab with CMM’s) we’re able to provide a diverse range of machining services including: 

Community Stewardship

Helping to Strengthen Our Community

Granted, if you don’t work or live in Central Wisconsin, you may not feel our community efforts directly. However, this directly ties into our core values as a company, which reflects on who we are as individuals. Our commitment to our local community is as strong as our commitment to our customers and our suppliers, no matter their location. Our goal is to take what we do well (precision machining and advanced manufacturing) and leverage that to help our customers succeed, as well as make our local community stronger. Through mentorship programs, our non-profit – Shiloh, and charitable giving, we’re always striving to do more. In fact, as a company we donate 50% of our net profits to charity, and our individual employees are directly involved in directing where this money goes. 

If you’re wondering what it would be like to work with Hastreiter as your machining services provider, don’t just take our word for it! Aside from our multiple machining industry awards (Top 10 CNC Machining Service Companies – 2020, Top Shops Award –Modern Machine Shop – 2018) what we’re most proud of are the kind words and trust given to us from those who’ve used our services. 

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