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Does Your Machine Shop Deliver These Two Things?

Kylan Hastreiter  –  March 30, 2021

Accurate and Reliable Machining

If you’re shopping for precision, tight tolerance machining (high volume machining, in particular) here are two words to consider: Accuracy and repeatability.

Why are these significant? Both of these are tied directly to common frustrations that we hear from new customers:

  1. A lack of machining accuracy (parts that fall outside tolerance requirements), and 
  2. An inability to deliver consistency over a period of time. This includes a lack of consistency on subsequent machining projects. 

We’ve heard these frustrations from companies who have used other machine shops, but are now looking for a new machine shop to entrust their machining projects with.

For true precision machining…..tight tolerance machining – there is much more at work than the CNC machine and operator. In other words, extreme accuracy doesn’t just happen.

When we’re talking about extremely tight tolerance machining and the ability to repeat that level of machining accuracy, there are a lot of factors involved. 

These factors affect not only the precision of a single machined part but also variations between parts production runs over time. 

While there are many factors that can affect machining tolerances and accuracy, here are a few:

Factors That Affect CNC Machining Accuracy:

Machining Tight Tolerances

The fact is, machining parts to extremely tight tolerance even one time can be a challenge. Being able to repeat that same level of precision both consistently, and at another point in time adds another layer to that challenge. 

For companies who rely on a flow of machined parts over time, or need an ongoing supply of their machined parts, this is critically important. 

Keys to Consistent, Accurate Machining At Hastreiter Industries

Knowing this, we have developed documented processes to ensure consistent machining accuracy today, tomorrow and into the future. This is one of the “intangible” benefits to working with a company like Hastreiter Industries.

From our documented workflow, to our talented operators, state of the art CNC machining equipment to our extensive metrology capabilities, we have built our business around producing consistent, highly accurate machined parts backed by a reliable delivery schedule. 

Did someone say Metrology? 

This word comes up often here at Hastreiter. Metrology is the science of measurement. It’s also critically important for us to be able to create and repeat accurate machined parts. We apply the principles of metrology throughout the machining process, ensuring your parts are machined to your specific tolerance requirements.

Exciting times here at Hastreiter Industries!

If you’re in need of a reliable machine shop who can provide you with machined parts that meet or exceed your tolerance requirements, that’s our specialty at Hastreiter Industries! 

We support a wide range of industries, including the aerospace industry and defense industry and assist companies nationwide. 

We take great pride in both our transparency (unique for a machine shop), and our dedication to retaining customers who trust us with their machining projects. 

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