Hastreiter Industries

Report Unethical Activities

We always want to be a company of integrity. We want to do more than merely comply with base legal requirements but instead be a light within the business world where we stand, as an entire company, with honesty and integrity. Otherwise there is no point to business.

While we want to have a work environment where you can always talk to management about any issues, we are providing more than one way to communicate.

In conformance with FAR 52.203-14, we have provided you a “hotline” to anonymously report potential unethical behavior and activities within the company. Whether you talk to a boss or make an anonymous submission, we will take it seriously. While we trust our employees, we must work to maintain integrity.

Examples of unethical behaviors (this list is not exhaustive and “employee” also refers to management):

  • Employee receiving kickback from a supplier for choosing them (accepting a bribe)

  • Employee using company equipment or property for personal use

  • Employee removing company property from company’s premise (stealing)

  • Abusing authority for personal gain

  • Fudging statistics to show better performance (lying)

  • Shipping/passing/using a product that failed quality inspection without notifying the customer prior to have it cleared

Have A Concern?

This form allows for completely anonymous communication with Hastreiter Industries’ management. Please share your concern(s) here: