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Producing prototypes requires short lead times, the ability to produce a wide variety of parts, and even providing feedback on a part’s design for ease of manufacturability.

Our job is to ensure your R&D project progresses smoothly and in a timely fashion by working closely with you and ensuring on time delivery.

Hastreiter Industries produces prototypes in industries ranging from space exploration, robotics, military parts, the next luxury car coming down the assembly line and much more.

Prototype Machining Service

Rapid, fast turnaround for your prototyping needs. Lead times under 2 weeks is common.

Have a question about our prototyping services for the defense industry or our capabilities? We welcome the opportunity to speak with you to learn more about your needs. 

Industries Who Use Our Prototyping Services:

As with our machining services, our prototyping services are utilized by a wide range of industries. No matter your industry, our comprehensive knowledge of CNC machining and parts manufacturing will help you ensure a positive outcome for your prototyping project. A few industries who’ve used our professional prototyping services include

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