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Founded in 1988, Hastreiter Industries is a family owned machine shop built on integrity with an ability to provide quality products on time.
We believe the work of our hands simply says who we are, that our service and product is a direct reflection of who we are as individuals. At Hastreiter Industries, we are proud of the work we do and our product is something you can be proud of when you deliver your product to your customers. Simply put, we care.

Our Past

Hastreiter Industries was originally founded under the name Universal Tool and Machine in 1988 by Ken and Sondra Hastreiter with the purchase of a single manual lathe. Hastreiter Industries grew into a machining and deburring shop, but really found its growth when a company approached Ken to produce a part nobody could for a hospital bed. Ken figured out how to machine a double helix on the 2 axis manual lathe, something that should not have been possible at the time. The company officially became incorporated in 1991 and was shortened to, “UTM Inc.”.

Hastreiter then bought its first CNC lathe in 1990 and while continuing to grow, built a location in 1995 for the shop. Since then, Hastreiter Industries has continued to add capabilities and capacity to further serve our customers – while retaining the same innovation that grew Hastreiter Industries to where we are today.

Ken Hastreiter CNC Machinist

Our Present

Hastreiter Industries functions on 5 main pillars:

On Time
Precision machined parts company

This means receiving the right product to specification, on time, at a fair price. It means transparency in the manufacturing process and reliability in your supply chain.

We care deeply about our employees, customers and community. That’s why we work hard to take care of you, invest heavily in our company and the reason we donate 50% of our profit. No white washing involved; we’re genuine and so are the solutions we produce.

Our Future

We’re proud of where we’ve been, but we’re excited for where we’re going.


We’re an innovative company not just in our ability to produce product and solutions for customers, but also in continually improving our processes. With active growth, we set targets every year for efficiency, capacity, and capability gains, while never sacrificing our quality service. These gains thus get passed onto our customers.
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