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Kylan Hastreiter  –  July 21, 2017

Machine Shop Services Expanding

Our machine shop in Wisconsin sits on over 20 acres, as of recently, a second facility has been added. We’re excited that we are continuing to grow and thus adding new capabilities and services. One of which is the addition of a Haas 5 axis mill. Out of this facility we’re offering the manufacturing of complex machined parts using simultaneous 5 axis milling; as well as efficient manufacturing of other parts by using CNC 3+2 milling to reduce the number of operations typically required for milling many parts. 3+2 milling is a form of 5 axis milling where you automatically rotate a part 90 degrees, lock it into place and continue machining. The advantage is that where you previously had to manually flip the part, it is now automatic. This saves time thus decreasing labor costs.

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