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New Partnership and Equipment: Okuma

Kylan Hastreiter  –  July 31, 2019

Hastreiter Industries is adding an Okuma 5 axis mill and an Okuma lathe to their machine shop. Known for machine rigidity, high accuracy and longevity, Hastreiter has made the strategic decision to start using this brand of CNCs as a jump in capabilities and offerings to their customers. Okuma, based out of Japan, is the world’s largest manufacturer of double column CNC machines.

For 5 axis milling, the Okuma M460-5AX will be arriving early August, coinciding with the move into Hastreiter Industries’ new 42,000 square foot facility. Its 15.75 inch table allows Hastreiter to add to their multi axis manufacturing capabilities with increased capacity and accuracy.

The CNC mill/turn lathe, Okuma LB3000 EXIIMYW will arrive in September. Loaded with milling (live tooling) and additional axes, it also has intelligent automation such as vibration detection between the cutting tool and part. While turning, the lathe then can provide automatic compensation to remove the unwanted vibration.

Hastreiter Industries takes the attitude of continuously improving processes and utilization of technologies, whether it is out on the machine shop floor, their overall support or spanning to the office’s operations. Every department and function within Hastreiter Industries must be designed to serve the customer; high end equipment like this is core to producing quality machined parts.

Machine shop + Okuma CNC machines
Ken and Kylan Hastreiter at Okuma America Headquarters in North Carolina. Hastreiter Industries cares deeply about truly understanding and then serving customer needs, while subsequently building long term relationships, in which Hastreiter looks for suppliers with similar mentality. As a company, Hastreiter Industries’ goal is to be the strongest link in their customer’s supply chain, which means Hastreiter Industries has to make strategic partnerships to strengthen that supply chain for delivering quality machined parts with the utmost reliability. Hastreiter further achieves this by building close, working relationships with their customers.

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