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Making a Difference Through Mentoring

Kylan Hastreiter  –  July 27, 2017

Machine Shop Mentoring

Mentoring is a vital part of creating successful individuals and is a key building block for strong communities. Hastreiter Industries actively uses our people and business operations to mentor individuals, encouraging growth.

Recently through a mentor-ship program with Wood County Juvenile Court, Hastreiter had a young man spend part of a week in our machine shop. We considered this a great opportunity to take time to build into the young man’s life. During his stay at Hastreiter Industries we made sure to take time to get to know who he was and find where his interests lay. Some of these interests included skilled trades. We were glad for the opportunity to give him some insight into the machining aspects of skilled trade as well as help mentor him on some soft skills.

To further impact future young adults,  we are establishing a year-long mentoring and apprenticeship program. We look forward to launching the full program in partnership with the nonprofit organization, Shiloh. For more information see our Charitable Giving page.

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