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Medium to High Volume Precision CNC Machining

Kylan Hastreiter  –  May 18, 2020

Medium to high volume CNC machining production capacity has increased with Hastreiter Industries’ investment into the Japanese built Kitamura HX250IG. The Kitamura is a horizontal CNC milling machine with a spindle repeatability accuracy of 1 micron or 0.000039 inches, and a travel size of 12”x12”x13”. It is designed for rapidly producing tight tolerance, small parts in a medium to high volume machining setting. The table, at 10 inches in diameter, allows for the fixturing of multiple parts. The automation system includes a pallet changer, enabling automatic machine tending by switching out the completed parts on the CNC machine’s table for queued parts. This, in addition to high accuracy probes, enables the CNC machine to be set up by operators to autonomously run through nights or weekends.

Hastreiter Industries, as a machine shop, actively invests in the efficiency and productivity of its manufacturing processes. In turn, the production and supply chain reliability also continues to improve and adapt. Hastreiter has become a well known machine shop in particular for small to medium volume CNC production on 3 to 5 axis vertical milling and multi axis turning. With continued customer demand, this new expansion into higher volume 4 axis horizontal milling will help meet the current and future medium and high volume machining supply chain needs.

High volume CNC machining

In process of being installed, the pallet changer can automatically swap completed parts for new parts to be machined.

At a machining feed rate up to 2,362 inches per minute, cycle times can be drastically reduced.

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