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Castings are ideal for unique, complex shapes or hollow sections and almost any metal can be melted and used for casting. One of the challenges, however, is castings are often not as precise as the application calls for. This is where machining the castings comes in. WIth the machining of castings or forgings we can help you bring your cast parts into tolerance.   

Top Machine Shops

As a job shop, Hastreiter Industries has a wide array of equipment to machine a variety of castings or forgings. Whether your parts require CNC milling or turning, Hastreiter can complete your parts with precision.

As a recognized Top Shop, Hastreiter provides you with reliability in both quality and delivery with 66/67 jobs delivered on time (3 year average).

We can handle parts anywhere from ounces to hundreds of pounds and from low to high volume. For specific sizes we can handle see our capabilities page; or for Hastreiter to evaluate your project please get in contact, we’d love to hear from you.

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