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Laser Cutting Capabilities

Why Fiber Lasers?

Fast and efficient sheet and plate cutting up to 3/8″ (9mm) thick allows Hastreiter Industries to shorten production times on fabrication and assembly that otherwise could become lengthy due to outsourcing. 

Recent developments in laser technology combined with increased CNC controls that are straight-forward for operating with precision allow us to produce a variety of cuts in a wide array of sizes. All of this is happening in an extremely timely method with cut speeds up to four times faster than a similar CO2 laser. Adding this technology to our Marshfield, WI location allows us to produce more intricate and precise parts within a shorter time frame for our customers.

The ability to engrave part numbers and other various markings during this process also allows us to streamline part production, minimizing the amount of steps a part has to stop at.

If you are looking for competitive lead times on standard parts, complex parts, and assemblies, and want to learn more, contact us!

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Laser Cut Wisconsin Silhouette Sample



Fiber Laser Max Cutting Size:

Fiber laser cutting service

Fiber Laser Cutting in Action

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