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Ken Hastreiter Steps Down as President, but is Still Involved as
Second Generation Steps Up

Starting and running an actively growing company for over 35 years is no small feat. Earlier this month, Ken Hastreiter announced he will be stepping down as President of Hastreiter Industries and transitioning into an Internal Consultant Role within the company while continuing in the role of President at their sister company, S&R Truck .

Ken started Hastreiter Industries with his wife, Sondra in 1988. After graduating from Mid-State Technical College with a degree in Machine Tool, he had a simple dream… to start a business and make parts. Suffice it to say his dream came true, and so much more when you look at the chapters the company has grown through. Looking way back, the first CNC lathe he ever purchased still sits on the shop floor, still making parts. A 1991 Mazak Quickturn 8N – he still loves that machine, serves as a great reminder of where the dream started.

In 1988 with a single manual lathe, the company started in a hog shed originally under the name Universal Tool and Machine. The company had several more chapters including moving onto 2nd street in Marshfield with incorporation to UTM Inc. Later UTM moved outside of the city in the mid 90’s followed by moving back in for larger space 2019. In 2018 the company rebranded from UTM Inc. to Hastreiter Industries Corp, and most recently achieved their AS9100D certification.

With this certification, and their advancements into the defense and aerospace industries, the future looks bright as Hastreiter Industries makes this recent transition of leadership. Ken has been a father, community member, a machinist, President, and all the other hats it takes to get a business off the ground and keep it soaring. He will continue to provide support within the company with his technical expertise in this new role as Internal Consultant Role while continuing the role of President at S&R Truck LLC, a company also under the Hastreiter LLC umbrella.

Others have now come, starting their dreams, and growing their skills on the same equipment he once programmed and ran. He has had the opportunity to watch youth apprentices grow into full-fledged machinists; creating a space to mentor those new to this industry and nurturing a second generation to continue what he started is an incredible legacy in progress. To think it all started in that hog shed with a single lathe and a lot of ingenuity. Hastreiter Industries may have started with CNC Precision Machining, but that is not the only manufacturing service offered out of their facility these days. Throughout the years with Ken as President, they have been able to strategically add laser cutting, MIG & TIG welding, a fabrication department, an in-house ISO 8 Metrology Lab, and a shipping department that offers specialized packaging solutions.

Kylan Hastreiter, former VP and one of Ken’s 3 sons, is following in his footsteps taking on the role of President of Hastreiter Industries. With a degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in International Business, Kylan started full time with the business in 2016. He started in business development and quickly added other roles including marketing and technology implementations. In 2018 Kylan became Vice President of Hastreiter Industries.

"I and the rest of the Hastreiter family look forward to serving the company and its employees, customers and its stakeholders, guiding the legacy for the current and future generations. I am grateful for every employee that has come along this journey with us. I look forward to continuing to work with him and I am eternally grateful for everything he has done."
- Kylan Hastreiter

Top Left: The hog shed where it all started | Top Right: Ken & Kylan Hastreiter
Bottom Right: Ken’s interview when he was selected as a Distinguished Alumni for his Alma Mater | Bottom Left: Kylan Hastreiter

We look forward to continuing to serve our community & customers for many years ahead!

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