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Machined Parts Engineering and Design

Comprised of mechanical engineering, industrial design, project management and expert machinists, our interdisciplinary in-house engineering team can take on a variety of challenges.

Summary of Engineering Services:

Design For Manufacturing (DFM)

You have the design engineer. We have the experts in manufacturing. Our team can work closely with you to bring those two together. By assisting in your product design to optimize it for manufacturing, we can reduce your manufacturing costs.

If we handle manufacturing, our DFM service could even be free, as we simply split the savings, particularly for medium to higher volume or very complex parts. Imagine showing your boss thousands in savings without having spent a penny.

Need help with tolerances on parts for assembly? We’ve got your back. Perhaps we can limit the tightest tolerances to critical dimensions, and ease tolerances on other more forgiving dimensions, for example. Tighter-than-necessary tolerances drives up costs. As your partner in machining, these are the types of things we take into consideration when working for you. How can we save you money, and how can we increase efficiency? We can work with you to find the right balance.

CAD Modeling Services

With the latest versions of SolidWorks and Autodesk Inventor, we can handle your CAD models – or lack thereof if you need something drawn up, whether it is a 3D model or a 2D drawing.

No matter the situation, we’re here to help you get your parts made.

CMM Parts Inspection Services
3D Printing Services

3D Printing Services

With prototyping projects, speed is so critical. 3D printing techology provides us with another tool to get your protoyping project across the finish line on time. 3D print tolerances to .003″ allow us to produce your prototypes as well as production parts both quickly and accurately. 

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