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Lower Overall Costs

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Improve Your Real Cost

The bottom line ultimately determines success/failure to a business and thus you want ways your supplier contributes to your success.

The final cost of your sub contracted parts includes:

  1. Direct cost of quote/product

  2. Indirect cost of defective parts

  3. Indirect cost of late deliveries

Competitive Pricing

Hastreiter Industries has incredible talent that utilizes advanced manufacturing technologies that makes us competitive.

Avoid Defective Parts

Product non-conformance robs from your bottom line by potentially causing excessive repairs, rework, warranty work, downtime, additional liabilities, loss of business goodwill or customer loyalty. Overall, they are costs that are hard to track and you likely don’t want to spend the resources for full tracking. This can be solved or prevented by using reliable, high performance suppliers that others already trust; Hastreiter Industries provides exactly that with 99.75% of POs having no defect parts.

Reducing your costs isn’t about just making a low quote, but making the whole manufacturing process efficient and reliable to prevent other costs from incurring.

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Avoid Late Deliveries

Late or even early deliveries increase inventory costs or disrupts production, especially if just-in-time is being used. It may also delay your delivery to your customer and potentially hurt your customer relationships. This LinkedIn article pointed out that for a company with $400 million in direct spending had an additional cost of $10 million due to do late and early deliveries. Hastreiter Industries delivers at 98.5% on time (3 year average), so that you don’t incur extra, hidden costs like that.

Reducing your costs isn’t about just getting a low quote, but making the whole manufacturing process efficient and reliable to prevent other costs from incurring. To give you exactly that, Hastreiter provides the right product, at the right time, always at a fair price. See more about who we are or give us a call.

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