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Cage Code: 72NZ2


Hastreiter Industries is an ISO 9001, AS9100, ITAR registered and US/Canadian Joint Cert Program (JCP, DD Form 2345) certified machine shop.

Defense Machine Shop

Tier 2 & 3+ Defense Machining

Aerospace machine shop

Hastreiter Industries’ Machine Shop

Manufacturing for the defense industry takes a serious level of attention and care. With lives at stake, producing quality articles while maintaining the integrity of sensitive information is vital. Hastreiter Industries is a tier 2 ITAR registered machine shop with a proven history to produce parts on time that succeed in the field. Hastreiter has produced a wide range of machined parts, ranging from small arms to critical components used by the military. If you’re looking for a reliable supplier that knows how to deliver quality parts on time, let’s talk.

Our three year on time delivery average is 98.5%. In that time only three jobs have been late by more than three days and only once than two weeks. Transparency and integrity are core to who we are.


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Certifications & Registrations

ISO Machine shop

ISO 9001:2015 Certified​

The quality of parts we produce is directly impacted by our systems and processes. The ISO 9001 certification holds us to these standards and are continually being evaluated and improved on within every facet of the company.​

AS9100D Machine shop

AS9100D Certified​

Our certification for AS9100D was approved in 2023. This allows Hastreiter Industries to step further into providing quality parts for the aerospace and defense industry.​

ITAR Registered

Your technical information is secure with Hastreiter. As a provider of defense industry machining, we are aware of and in compliance with ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations).​

JCP certified machine shop

JCP Certified (DD Form 2345)

Our approved DD Form 2345 Letter for access to unclassified U.S. Department of Defense and Canadian Department of National Defense is available upon request. Hastreiter Industries’ cage code is 72NZ2. ​

Precision Aerospace Machining Services

Aerospace machining leaves no room for error and includes a high demand for delivering on time – a single machined part should never delay a project or cause a malfunction. As an ITAR registered, tier 2 aerospace machine shop, Hastreiter Industries specializes in providing reliability in the complex aerospace supply chain with 96.7% on time delivery (3 year average). Since 2016, only three jobs have been late more than 3 days and never past two weeks.

Hastreiter was born out of the aerospace industry in 1988 with producing aircraft fuel control systems parts. We now have parts found in jet engines, rockets, satellites, and more. For example, Hastreiter has been a top rated supplier producing jet engine parts that without proper manufacturing, internal de-burring and thorough inspection would result in severe FOD (foreign object damage). If you’re looking for a reliable partner that can deliver the right parts at the right time, let’s talk.

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