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Coronavirus Response: Staying Safe and Keeping Production on Time

Kylan Hastreiter  –  March 27, 2020

Hastreiter Industries, a precision CNC machine shop providing services to aerospace, defense, energy, industrial machinery and more, has been identified as part of the United States’ Critical Infrastructure. This means it is essential for Hastreiter Industries to continue delivering product and will remain open during the COVID-19 quarantine. As we do so, we are putting top priority on the health and safety of all our people, while maintaining production deadlines.

Furthermore, we put top priority on the job security for every one of our employees because:

1.     Every one of our employees and their families rely on their position and the stability of Hastreiter Industries to provide for themselves and their families.

2.     Our customers rely on the production of Hastreiter Industries for the continuity of their operations. We always aim to be the strongest link in our customer’s supply chain and by standing by our employees during this pandemic, we are standing by our customers.

Here are 7 ways Hastreiter Industries is providing long term employee retention, promoting a healthy workplace and actions to mitigate potential production disruptions for our customers:

1.     Hastreiter Industries is well diversified across several industries such as Aerospace/Defense, Energy, and Industrial Equipment (all of which are considered “essential” during the COVID-19 pandemic). This diversification creates stability as our eggs are across many baskets, so to speak. Stability is required for the viability of any long term relationship, whether with customers or employees.

2.     We have increased the hours for machinists from 40 hours per week to 50. We are encouraging everyone to save the extra income. In a time of economic uncertainty, this allows people to have an additional financial buffer for the near future.

3.     We have implemented procedures and best practices to limit the potential exposure and spread of COVID-19 to Hastreiter Industries and within. This includes procedures in case an employee does test positive. Employees that can work from home are doing so.

4.     In the event that an employee tests positive for COVID-19 during the pandemic, we will cover 75% of their wages for the 2 week individual quarantine period.

5.     Through our subscription at Astia Health Employers’ Clinic, testing for COVID-19 is at-cost (whole-sale cost for us/employees) and thus is far cheaper than standard.

6.     Hastreiter Industries is not over extended and is financially stable.

7.     Hastreiter Industries is actually growing during the pandemic in order to meet current and new customer demand. Much of what our men and women manufacture are critical to the function of the United States and global economies. This further demonstrates job security for all of our employees and helps the local economy as we also hire for new positions.

Overall, as a company, we are strong, we are in a great position to handle economic uncertainty and are actively working to keep our people safe, employed and healthy. This ensures long term support for our customers, employees and community.

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