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Hastreiter Industries is a U.S. machine shop offering precision CNC milling services while specializing in 5 axis milling. We manufacture metal and plastic parts ranging from the simple with common materials to the complex and intricate with exotic materials or super heat resistant alloys. Whether you need critical components or your run-of-the-mill parts, Hastreiter can deliver your machined parts without the hassle.


Precision CNC Milling

Modern Machine Shop magazine awarded Hastreiter Industries as a Top Shop. By using 5 axis milling, we machined the logo in one operation to be displayed in the Top Shop Hall of Fame.

CNC Milling Sizes

Hastreiter Industries can precision machine complex 5 axis parts up to 20 inches (508mm) in diameter and mill 3 axis parts up to 40 X 20 X 20 inches (1016 X 508 X 508mm) large. Hastreiter Industries can mill parts smaller than .2 inch (5mm) big, such as a recent titanium part requiring .04 inch diameter end mills (tooling).

CNC Mill Equipment Specs

For peak performance and quality assurance, Hastreiter utilizes 3 to 5 axis mills loaded with the latest technology such as parts & tool probing (Renishaw), high pressure & programmable coolant, through spindle air & coolant, high speed spindles, and dynamic work offsets. These help manufacture complex machined parts, machine exotic materials or heat resistant super alloys and decrease machine set up times to get machines producing quicker.

A titanium wedding band we produced is included in photos for size reference. Most of our CNC milled parts cannot be shown as they are Aerospace/Defense or covered by non-disclosure agreements.

Precision CNC Milling - Tolerances

Hastreiter can mill parts with a tolerance as tight as +/- .0001 inch (.0127mm) depending on geometry (can be tighter on very small parts). Some grinding capabilities for tighter tolerances.


Depending on the geometry, Hastreiter Industries can produce a tolerance as tight as +/- 0.0001in (0.0025mm). Some precision grinding capabilities for +/- 0.0001in (0.0025mm) as well.

Quality & Trace-Ability

Hastreiter Industries’ inspection process was born from the demands of the aerospace industry. Machinists, operators and management follow a thorough process of first article inspection, ongoing inspection during manufacturing, and final inspection. 99.74% of POs have no defect parts because getting it done right the first time is what you should expect from a vendor.

All Purchase Orders are traceable: production history, inspection history, and material history. Additional trace-ability can be added, such as individual parts marking. Parts can also be serialized and tagged to individual inspection reports.

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Not sure we have the right capabilities or capacity to fit your needs? We’re constantly expanding our capabilities and capacity because we have the customer demand, capital and critical expertise to do so. Give us a call or shoot us an email for an evaluation.

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