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CMM Metrology & Inspection

CMM Metrology & Inspection Services

Hastreiter Industries can verify parts that we manufacture as well as being contracted to inspect your product. Our inspection capabilities range from precision hand tools to advanced and automated inspection equipment.

What is a CMM and Why Is It Important?

A CMM (coordinate measuring machine) is critical for quality control when it comes to precision machining. Using a measuring probe that travels along the XYZ axis, it checks the dimensions and geometry of machined parts against the original part design to ensure that quality standards are met. Additionally, with CMMs we can automate data collection to help with evaluating a process capability. In a nutshell, this is another step in which we can reduce human error/influence making for greater efficiency and time savings when it comes to completing your machining project. Lastly, because we have advanced part inspection capabilities in-house, we don’t have to send parts out to a dimensional lab for analysis. Again, this means cost savings, and quicker turnaround for you. 

CMM Inspection Services

Advanced CMM (coordinate measuring machine) equipment is utilized for precision inspection, GD&T requirements, complex parts and in meeting other inspection needs.

  • Mitutoyo Crysta Apex S9108 Laboratory CMM

    • 30”x36”x31” Work Envelope

    • 5 axis, fully automatic with scanning probe

    • Factory accuracy of 1.7+3L/1000 μm

    • NIST traceable and calibrated to ISO 10360 standards

  • Hexagon 7107 Shop Floor CMM

    • 27″x27″x40″ Work Envelope

    • 5 axis, fully automatic with scanning probe

    • Factory accuracy of 3.4+3.8L/1000 μm

    • NIST traceable and calibrated to ISO 10360 standards

CMM Parts Inspection Services

Inspection Equipment

All inspection tools are traceable including calibration records. Additional inspection equipment includes:

  • Keyance Vision Inspection System

  • Surface Roughness Tester, Mitutoyo SJ-210

  • Rockwell Hardness Tester

  • Thousands of gauges such as hole, pin, thread, internal groove, radius, bore, height, etc.

  • Hundreds of other tools such as indicators, micrometers, calipers, etc

Whether you’re looking to have machined parts produced through Hastreiter Industries or have us verify the product produced by another manufacturer, our metrology lab and quality department can handle your product with reliability.

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