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CMM Inspection Services Launched at Hastreiter Industries

Kylan Hastreiter  –  May 1, 2019

CMM metrology services (coordinate measuring machine) are being offered by Hastreiter Industries. These new advanced inspection capabilities allow Hastreiter to inspect a wider variety of parts, verify GD&T (geometric dimensioning and tolerances), complex parts and partly automate quality control for higher volume jobs.

The reason for adding the CMM comes from a wonderful problem Hastreiter Industries had. The machined parts that Hastreiter could manufacture, with 5 axis CNC mills, were so complex that they could not be measured by traditional measuring tools such as calipers or micrometers. Imagine we produced a double helix, like what a DNA strand has. How do you verify the geometry? The answer: the coordinate measuring machine (CMM) we purchased in December of 2017.

Calibrated to ISO 10360 standards, the CMM can measure parts within a volume of 28” X 40” X 28” to a factory accuracy of 3 microns (0.00012 inches) though was measured at our facility to an accuracy of about 2.2 microns. The CMM utilizes an advanced scanning probe that has dual options for measuring a part. The first is having the probe’s stylus probe one point at a time while the second is being able to physically gather thousands of points within minutes by being able to drag the synthetic ruby tipped stylus across the part’s surface. Other synthetic stylus tips are used for scanning various materials such as silicon nitride for Aluminum because Aluminum can become deposited on a ruby stylus, thus optimizing styli maintains accuracy.

Metrology is the science of measurement.

With an accuracy of 3.4+3.8L/1000 (μm), this Hexagon CMM enables advanced inspection services.

Mounted on a motorized head, the probe has 5 axes of movement, enabling the part to be measured from nearly any angle – completely automatically. The CMM is programmed for each part to be measured automatically, much like how a CNC machine will run autonomously once you start it. Once the part has been verified, intelligent fixturing allows the next part to be setup within seconds. This increases the overall efficiency of inspecting batches of machined parts or casted parts.

This enables Hastreiter Industries to not just verify complex geometry or specific GD&T callouts on prints, but also increase inspection efficiency, speed up inspection of jobs with higher volume, and ensure additional uniformity of inspection from part to part. Parts can even be serialized and have individual inspection reports be tied to each serialized part.

Hastreiter Industries’ Quality Department compliments its CMM inspection services with other inspection equipment such as surface roughness testing, Rockwell hardness testing, thousands of gauges such as hole, pin, thread, internal groove, radius, bore, height, etc., and hundreds of other inspection tools such as indicators, micrometers, calipers, etc. Additional equipment is on the way such as a spectrometer for material composition analysis and a tensile tester for determining the tensile strength of a material. Your product’s integrity is key which is why name brand, top of the line inspection equipment is used.

CMM Services
CMM styli tips can be as small as .03mm up to 10mm for measuring any sized part.

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