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Hastreiter Industries core values

Coronavirus Response: Staying Safe and Keeping Production on Time

Hastreiter Industries, a precision CNC machine shop providing services to aerospace, defense, energy, industrial machinery and more, has been identified as part of the United States’ Critical Infrastructure. This means it is essential for Hastreiter Industries to continue delivering product and will remain open during the COVID-19 quarantine. Read more…

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Leadership Series: Challenge the Process

Recently the local technical college was doing a five part leadership series. Believing our company was a good fit for the series, they asked if I would do a lecture for one part. Personally, I love teaching and supporting education is core to our company’s mission. Read more…

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2017 in Reflection

2017 has been a dynamic business year that brought incredible growth, new partnerships and deepened relationships.
We’ve been incredibly excited to be part of our customer’s stories by supplying the parts that keep them on schedule, engines running, passengers landing safely, and so much more. Read more…

Hastreiter Industries core values

Hurricane Surveillance, Getting Ahead of the Storm

Caught by the surprising ferocity and peculiarity of 2017’s hurricane season, a particular institute found it necessary to launch surveillance aircraft. With Hurricane Harvey hovering over Houston and Hurricane Irma looming, quickly outfitting the aircraft with means to mount surveillance equipment was needed. Read more…


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