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Marshfield aquatics center

Helping Sponsor the New Aquatics Center in Marshfield, WI

Marshfield is the largest city in Wisconsin not on a natural body of water, such as a lake or river. For this reason, an aquatics center in Marshfield will play an outsized role in the activities of families and other community members. To help bring the project to fruition, Hastreiter Industries is sponsoring the four swimming lanes. Read more…

Hastreiter Industries - Heavy metal tour

Heavy Metal Tour: 150 8th graders visit Hastreiter Industries

Giving students exposure to careers they may not have known existed is not only critical to their professional development, but also for businesses seeking future talent. The Heavy Metal Tour allowed students from across central Wisconsin to hop on a bus and explore local businesses in manufacturing. Read more here…

Hastreiter Industries core values

Making a Difference Through Mentoring

Through a mentor-ship program with Wood County Juvenile Court, Hastreiter Industries had a young man spend part of a week in our machine shop.

To further impact future young adults, Hastreiter is establishing a year-long mentoring and apprenticeship program. We look forward to launching the full program in partnership with the nonprofit organization, Shiloh.


We publish our on time delivery statistics, including % of jobs on time and % of parts on time.

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