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Hastreiter Industries core values

Hurricane Surveillance, Getting Ahead of the Storm

Caught by the surprising ferocity and peculiarity of 2017’s hurricane season, a particular institute found it necessary to launch surveillance aircraft. With Hurricane Harvey hovering over Houston and Hurricane Irma looming, quickly outfitting the aircraft with means to mount surveillance equipment was needed. Read more…

Hastreiter Industries core values

Making a Difference Through Mentoring

Through a mentor-ship program with Wood County Juvenile Court, Hastreiter Industries had a young man spend part of a week in our machine shop.

To further impact future young adults, Hastreiter is establishing a year-long mentoring and apprenticeship program. We look forward to launching the full program in partnership with the nonprofit organization, Shiloh.

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Additional Facility

An additional facility on 20 acres in Wisconsin gives our machine shop further room to continue expanding our capabilities and capacity.Read more…


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