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2017 in Reflection

Kylan Hastreiter  –  January 31, 2018

2017 has been a dynamic year that saw economic growth, increased capital expenditures by businesses and new partnerships.

Metal sawing service
Production sawing automates a tedious task with precision.

Production sawing automates a tedious task with precision.

Hastreiter thanks every customer we’ve had that made our 2017 possible. We’ve been incredibly excited to be part of your stories by supplying the parts that keep you on schedule, engines running, passengers landing safely, and so much more.

For Hastreiter Industries, 2017 had a 75% increase of sales over 2016. On the surface, we can attribute this success to growing markets such as space exploration/transportation, recovering markets such as oil, and Hastreiter working with new customers. However, at the heart is that we care deeply about your success and we know how critical even a single machined part is. Our mutual success is when you never have to worry about sourcing, when you know the parts will show up on time without defects and that any challenges that arise can be handled by your vendor; a vendor that values the relationship and matches you in stride with your company’s goals in 2018 and beyond.

5 Axis milling - Hastreiter
5 axis mill, can produce complex parts over 20″ in diameter.

5 axis mill, can produce complex parts over 20″ in diameter.

As many of you continue to grow, Hastreiter Industries will keep pace – we had a 40% increase in CNC machines. As technology continues to evolve and products become more complex, Hastreiter will innovatively continue to serve you – such as investments in a 19,000 pound full 5 axis CNC mill and a 5,000 pound CMM (coordinate measuring machine) to both produce & verify complex parts while increasing both production & inspection efficiency. As many of your needs continue to evolve, we’ll evolve with you – such as getting ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) registered or bar-coding packing lists for your efficiency. Markets and industries are changing faster than ever, making vendors that “keep up” with innovation all the more critical to your success. For this reason, Hastreiter Industries has reinvested the success of 2017 back into new CNC mills, additional support equipment (such as a second automated saw), advanced software, inspection capabilities, and hiring additional talent. As a matter of fact, we ranked in the top 10% of machine shops for capital expenditures as a percent of sales in 2017 (Modern Machine Shop Top Shop survey).

On behalf of Hastreiter Industries’ employees, owners, and our families, thank you for working with Hastreiter Industries. We look forward to serving you here in 2018 and we’re excited for our continual partnerships and the new opportunities that this year brings.

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